Redmond & Greer is now MOCKINGBIRD PHARMA


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Why has the company changed its name?
The name change represents a better alignment of the company’s brand identity with our organizational essence. We’ve experienced tremendous growth and feel that it’s time to position ourselves in a way that uniquely reflects who we are as a company.

Mockingbirds in the wild are independent, loyal and bold- three traits that have been foundational building blocks since Redmond & Greer’s inception in 2016.

Will anything change about the way you do business?
We got to where we are today by providing competitive pricing and superior customer service, and we look forward to building on the Redmond & Greer legacy as Mockingbird Pharma. Our goal is to be the preferred pharmaceutical wholesaler to independent pharmacists everywhere and to have Mockingbird be synonymous with quality.
How does this change the ordering process including billing, invoicing and terms?
Effective January 1, 2020, all invoices will be addressed from “Mockingbird Pharma”, even if the original order was placed prior to then under the name of “Redmond and Greer Pharmacy Supply”. There will be a note on the invoice that Mockingbird Pharma is formerly Redmond & Greer so that your AP team is aware.
Terms and conditions will remain the same.
Do I need to submit a new application?
No, you do not need to submit a new application for Mockingbird Pharma.
Does Mockingbird Pharma have access to old invoices from Redmond & Greer?
Yes, our Accounts Receivable team will have access to all previous Redmond & Greer invoices if you need a copy.
What does this mean for Cochran Wholesale Pharmaceutical?
The rebrand only affects Redmond & Greer at this time.
Will Mockingbird Pharma be VAWD-accredited?
Mockingbird Pharma has applied for VAWD accreditation but does not have a timeline for approval.
How do we know which products come from Mockingbird Pharma and which come from Cochran Wholesale?
Customers who request their orders be shipped through a VAWD-accredited facility will continue to have these orders shipped from Cochran Wholesale Pharmaceutical.
Are there any changes to the shipping or return policies?
No, the shipping and return policy will remain the same and can be found here.
Will AWC Specialty Rx Consulting still remain on our contracts?
Mockingbird Pharma will replace AWC Specialty Rx Consulting and/or Redmond & Greer Pharmacy Supply as the company name on all contracts moving forward.
Has the ownership structure of the company changed?
No, the ownership structure remains unchanged. Mockingbird Pharma is owned by Trive Capital.
What is the new website address?

Mockingbird Pharma can be found at

Have you assigned new e-mail addresses? If so, what is the new address?
Yes, the new e-mail addresses for Mockingbird Pharma have been migrated to a new system. They will look like this:
Do the old e-mail addresses still work? If yes, for how long?
Yes, the old e-mail addresses for work in parallel to the new addresses of until further notice. The new e-mail addresses will automatically be used for outgoing e-mails.
Will I still be able to buy product from the online store link?
Yes, the online store will still be accessible from the same link you may have saved in your favorites.
Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?
No. All contracts concluded under the former company name of AWC Specialty Consulting or Redmond and Greer Pharmacy Supply will remain unchanged under the new name of Mockingbird Pharma.
Does the new name mean new bank details?
No, our remittance details remain unchanged.
Does the new name mean a new federal tax ID number?
No, the tax ID remains the same.
Is it necessary to set up Mockingbird Pharma as a new vendor?
No, this is not necessary. The legal entity of the company has not changed, only the name. Our relationship with our customers remains unchanged.
Will Cochran Wholesale Pharmaceutical change their name to Mockingbird Pharma?
Not at this time.
Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?
For branding questions that relate specifically to the marketing of our organization, please email For any other questions about the renaming and how it affects our business relationship, please write to

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