Mockingbird Pharma Partners with Atrium24 To Enhance Market Insights

Written by Mockingbird Pharma

On January 20, 2020

Atrium24 advises independent pharmacies on growth strategies

Mockingbird Pharma is committed to enhancing the business of the independent pharmacist by providing timely market insights from verified sources. That’s why we’ve partnered with Atrium24, a community-focused pharmacy consulting business.

Led by Nicolette Mathey, PharmD and pharmacy owner, the firm provides consultative services for independent pharmacies, including turnkey clinical program guides, marketing materials, sales strategy, and training resources. Dr. Mathey has spent nearly two decades working in the pharmacy industry in different capacities. Starting as a technician, intern, pharmacist and then pharmacy manager, she learned the corporate side at Walgreens over the span of 11 years. From there, Dr. Mathey opened several outpatient pharmacies with BayCare Health, and created hospital transitions of care with meds-to-beds programs. Her start in true independent pharmacy came next, where she became the Pharmacy Operations Director for a large compounding and outpatient facility. Dr. Mathey then worked with Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) as Director of Clinical Services, bringing turn-key bedside delivery materials to their membership and helping build industry-changing programs for independent pharmacies. She has had the opportunity to speak at many national pharmacy events, and enjoys learning how businesses succeed in this heavily regulated healthcare environment.

Most recently, as the owner of Palm Harbor Pharmacy, Dr. Mathey has been building the business by direct prescriber relationships and customized clinical protocols. Her consulting firm, Atrium24, serves to introduce these programs to pharmacies, built around improving the financial performance of a pharmacy while developing deep relationships with prescribers in their communities and addressing unmet patient needs to improve their health outcomes as well as elevate their pharmacy experience.

A benefit to ATRIUM24’s content is that all materials are tested out in a real pharmacy before being released to pharmacy owners. The collective wisdom and input from the industry allows ATRIUM24’s programs to continue gaining strength and adaptability in all different regions of the country and every size business.

ATRIUM24 will act as a strategic business consultant for pharmacy owners, advising best practices and research that helps to identify new products for community pharmacies in a highly regulated and competitive market.

Part of our relationship with ATRIUM24 includes providing a platform for Dr. Mathey to share content in the forms of blog posts and videos that we will host on Stay tuned for the first of those in the coming weeks.

For more information about Dr. Mathey and Atrium24, please visit

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